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I worked for Safety Services for almost 2 years as a sales agent, selling safety manuals, training kits, labor law posters, etc. I am ashamed that I worked for them for as long as I did. I did it because I made a decent amount of money compared to my old jobs and wanted to provide for my family, but that's no excuse for contributing to this company's unethical sales model.

The representatives from this company will do whatever it takes to get you to buy their product, including lying through their teeth. Everyone in my department did it, almost without exception. We did it relentlessly on a daily basis. We told lies about what state and federal laws required of businesses to be in compliance. We use blatant scare-tactics, bullying and strong-arming people into making purchases they almost always weren't happy to make. I'd estimate that over 90% of the products we sold weren't legally necessary for the consumer to have or implement, yet that's the way we presented things.

As for the products themselves, they're terribly overpriced. I encourage you to do your research before purchasing any type of OSHA-compliance. If you're a small business, you'll find that most of what you need can be found online either for free or for far less money than what the Safety Service products cost. If you buy from Safety Services, you are being robbed.

The people in charge at SSC know good and well the unethical tactics that are being used. We're not talking about delinquent sales representatives going rogue, we're talking about systematic deception of clientele coming from the top down. Everyone knows about it, and everyone is complicit. When I worked there, they made us take an electronic ethics course one day so that the board would be able to cover their *** if the *** ever really hit the fan. Meaning if a criminal investigation is ever done regarding a particular transaction, they'll be able to point to the ethics training that they made the employees sign off on and then pin the wrongdoing on whichever employee made did that specific transaction. Make no mistake, though. They monitor calls regularly and are fully aware that the unethical methods that serve as the foundation of their sales model are ubiquitous. This company is straight-up evil.

Do not trust Safety Services. They are not there to help you. All they care about is moving money from your pocket to theirs.

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