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Unethical Safety Services Company calls you saying you placed and order for a manual when you didn't and wont take no for an answer. I see from other reviews that they actually try to bill you too so will watch for that.

They email me, call me and send faxs and I told them if this continues I will charge them with harrasment.I have been informed that this is their regular type of sales and that they made a mix up. I was given this email address by my current safety company who says they harrass alot of people.

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Safety Services Company Verified Representative

Hello! We’re so sorry to hear that your experience was less than positive.

Please know that we have renewed our commitment to providing all of our customers with amazing customer service, and would love the opportunity to earn back your business. Please contact us at (877) 894-2566 or customerservice@safetyservicescompany.com if you need additional support, as your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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