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Be very wary of these people!! They will do anything, at YOUR expense, to make A sale!

They called-multiple times- earlier this year trying to sell us A safety package. I told them to send some information out about the package so we could look it over & see what it was about. At that point we would then make A decision as to wether or not to purchase. We decided NOT to purchase & let them know this.

The next thing you know, they start firing off tons of phone call's trying to get us to purchase A package & would'nt stop(this in in September of 2010). Around this point in time, we also start receiving an un-wanted safety package from them. We received NO invoices whatsoever until December 8th 2010. They faxed out what is basically A collection's letter telling us to pay up for something we did'nt want in the first place.

Upon receival of the invoice, I immediately called them to get this issue resolved. The person I had talked to told me he was going to go back & listen to the recorded phone conversation's, yes "RECORDED PHONE CONVERSATIONS", (as if that does'nt say something right there) & get back to me the next day. Never heard from them until this morning, January, 3rd 2011. This guy basically tells me he is going to damage our business credit rating over this ridiculious issue they are refusing to resolve.

The bottom line is STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!

I will be filing A complaint with the states Better Business Bureau and also A complaint with the local Sheriff's Department in regards to the harrasment with the phone calls.

What way to start off the new year.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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Safety Services Company Verified Representative

Hello! We’re so sorry to hear that your experience was less than positive.

Please know that we have renewed our commitment to providing all of our customers with amazing customer service, and would love the opportunity to earn back your business. Please contact us at (877) 894-2566 or if you need additional support, as your satisfaction is our #1 priority.


You should check your nose is a little brown, and i worked in the YUMA AZ location, is a SCAM because you take advantage of peoples ignorance, on osha regulations, they assume you guys are the good guys without even noticing that most of the time they dont need the posters. i saw how you ASSUME IT IS AN OWNER, AND GET THEM WITH THE 30DAY INVOICE, you dont care for their company at all, you dont care if its a made up "owner" and just a person answering a phone, you start by sending them a bill, and then screwing their company credit, oh yeah because they say " we are a compliance company that help small businesses stay in compliance with OSHA regulations, we help the small business owners because we know that small businesses dont have the money to pay such fines" KEYWORD THEY KNOW YOU ARE A SMALL BUSINESS AND THAT MOST OF THE TIME YOU DONT HAVE ANYONE THAT CAN HELP YOU TAKE LEGAL ACTION, AGAINST THEIR COLLECTION AGENCYS.

And that they have you recorded, is bull, they dont really know who is making the purchase nor, cant they prove if it was an owner or a AUTHORIZE DECISION MAKER, when you hear that always say NO and ASK Why you have been called, and also they train you to NOT PLACE YOU IN THE "DO NOT CALL LIST" Unless you hear the pitch and say exactly " PUT ME ON YOUR DO NOT CALL LIST" If you dont say that expect a call in either 3 months or 6 months it depends on the "DISPOSITION" list. Beware of RICK ROPRIGUEZ the QUALITY ASSURANCE MANAGER, bs, and MIKE the GM in YUMA AZ


Dear Complainant,

We are sorry to hear you have had a less than desirable experience dealing with our company. We strive to provide the greatest customer service experience as well as the highest quality products to all of our clients. However, having grown from a startup in 2005 to the largest supplier of safety training products in North America there are unfortunately going to be some growing pains and communication break downs. We are deeply remorseful you were one of the few who had an undesirable experience with our company and we pledge to do everything in our power to resolve this complaint. Please e-mail us at so we can address this complaint. We also would like to offer you a gift certificate good for 20 percent off any purchase.


The Safety Services Team


I have almost the same thing happen to us, except we never placed an order of any kind, they are just harassing us about an "invoice" they say is over due. Weird since we never ordered anything, never received anything, and never got a bill for anything. total SCAM!

Bolingbrook, Illinois, United States #231636

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