Pecos, Texas

Safety Services of ***!!!

I come to them for help and they rape me. Before I go to them I have money and now I have none. They take it all. Hey we will help you they say and they do. They help to take my money. They take my money and they take Jorge’s money. Jorge is my friend. Jorge told me to use them and now he feels bad. He is still my friend even though he let Safety Services Company rape me. He did not know they were rapers. They rape him too. I does not like them after they take all his money too.

They pick on us because we are brown people.

Well no more rape for us.

We leave them now!

Company wrote 1 public responses to the review from Jun 17, 2015.
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Safety Services Company Verified Representative

Hello! We’re so sorry to hear that your experience was less than positive.

Please know that we have renewed our commitment to providing all of our customers with amazing customer service, and would love the opportunity to earn back your business. Please contact us at (877) 894-2566 or if you need additional support, as your satisfaction is our #1 priority.


They pick on us to and we are not brown. Equal Opportunity thieves.

They tell me that the product is good for the life of the company then a little while later OSHA makes a change and in order to keep them from coming down on us like a ton of bricks it will cost us $500 to $800 depending upon the day.

I am fed up with them promising one thing and trying to charge me again for it later. I don't believe they are an ethical company.

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