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I was the sole owner of a construction company until May 2008 when the company dissolved.

In October 2008, Safety Services Company mailed a package for Safety Materials directly to the company. I did not open the package, and like anything else that came to the company at that point marked the outside "RETURN TO SENDER, COMPANY DOES NOT EXIST." Another package was mailed about a month later, and I did the same thing. I emailed, left voicemail messages and mailed certified letters to the company requesting that they cease sending me the information as the company does not exist and the information was not wanted or requested. In November, I received a bill for these services. I, again, mailed letters, email, and left voicemails, NEVER getting a response.

Every month, I have received a bill, and sent letters, emails and voicemails. Until March 2009, they have sent me to their in house collections, where I receive a voicemail talking about the economy and how it's difficult to make payment, but "oh, we will work with you." I called 3-4 times and left voicemails letting the representative know the events leading up to this. This is not valid as:

1) The company didn't exist at the time Safety Services claims the services were requested

2) The services were never requested as there was no business, and thus no need

3) The services were returned when received

4) Repeated contact via certified mail, email and voicemail were never returned

5) I have never received written confirmation that I have requested this service as I have requested many, many times.

To this day, they are still trying to collect even though there is no documentation to show that the services were requested and that the company existed to request them.

Monetary Loss: $418.

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Safety Services Company Verified Representative

Hello! We’re so sorry to hear that your experience was less than positive.

Please know that we have renewed our commitment to providing all of our customers with amazing customer service, and would love the opportunity to earn back your business. Please contact us at (877) 894-2566 or customerservice@safetyservicescompany.com if you need additional support, as your satisfaction is our #1 priority.


Yes this company is a scam!!!

I recently went with a competitor of theres.

A month after I discharged there services they called me and told me I had to get a QAQC and ironically enough they just happened to sell them for 7,000. I simply told them i was no longer there client and would not be buying or needing any further assistance. I called the current company i am with now and they laughed not only does my current 3rd party sell QAQC ( for 1,000) but they made it clear i did in fact NOT need a QAQC seeing how I don't work in manufacturing.

Today i am still 100% compliant and have NOT spent one dime on BS safety documentation or labor law poster boards that you can download off the internet for free. DO NOT go with a safety company that sells safety materials THEY HAVE AN INCENTIVE TO SELL YOU EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN AND YOU DO NOT NEED IT!!!!!


I worked at the Yuma office very recently. I was also recently laid off with no explination, along with 20+ other staff members. We were preached to for the 9 months I was there that "we are a moral company and 'shady services' is no longer the moto. So while I do have every reason to be mad and throw the company under the buss, I will not defend nor finger point.

It is truly my belief that what they do is a very helpful and useful service and product(s). While it is true a lot of what they offer, (posters, safety meetings, etc.) can be found locally or via the government at no cost, the benefit in these products is the service. Much like a resturaunt, you CAN go get your own drink and CAN go make your own salad, and CAN go pick up and serve yourself... you pay extra for the service that a waiter/bartender/waitress provides. They do keep a solid lock on the ins and outs of the regulations and keep everything current and up to date. It is a service for a company or business owner that doesnt have time to regulate 1000+ pages of OSHA standards and changes to just identify what DOES apply to them.

The other products like the training kits are FANTASTIC! Seriously an in house Forklift certification kit with no renewal or no subscription or no added training fee is amazing. Fall Protection certification as well. You can most certainly find someone or a government location that will do this at little to no cost FOR the certification, but the cost of transport, the cost of the employees being on the clock for the drive and the class adds up. A Kit that has a one time fee is easily a no brainer. These are major regulations that are required in all states and for all employees that deal with these ares. There are a large number of training kits, i believe when I left it was around 13 or 15... but they were all very serious, very necessary trainings. And again here, its the convience and service that is offered.

Now the employees.... I worked at the Yuma office and in my experience we were held to a higher level of quality than Tempe, or yes... the prisons... In the office I was employed at there were multiple departments. When I started you went to POE(Point of Entry - Cold Calling from purchased client lists) I then was transfered to Mop Ups Tier 2 (Calling expired customers to evaluate and advise of their safety program and procedures at no cost, but with the hope you would win back a customer by identifying and filling a gap) I then went to Renewals (This was simply renewing current subscriptions, IE Tail Gate Meetings, Posters) I was then transfered to Mop Ups Tier 1 (Calling ACTIVE customers and evaluating and identifying gaps in their current program). While there I never met, nor worked with anyone that was unjust or untrue in what they said, there were only 2-3 employees who had a high pressure approach. Most simply informed and advised on the necessity and the value of the service. I was only aware of 1 person being fired for referring/threatining OSHA and he was IMMEDIATELY terminated. I was also only aware of yet another single person for sending out products without verification. The employees are good people trying to do a job for a company that really only cares about the money. The people that I did have the pleasure of working with were moral and standard human beings with only a desire to support themselves, their familys, or in my case help small business that may be in the dark... I also needed to support myself though ;).

Management/Owners... heres were it gets real. From the President all the way down to the lowest manager, its as shady as the dark side of the moon. They claim to want a good reputation, to value the customer, to rebuild the bad image they had... but they do everything counter productive to this goal. I can tell you, in my time there, I can count vividly 5 times that we had a company meeting to discuss "unethical sales tactics" and given a script to read verbatem. After 4 hours of this generic, soulless script being read by 100+ agents and gaining 2-3 sales (each time this happened mind you) we were given a thumbs up to return to our usual way of sales. Not saying Shady or Unethical, but as a salesman people have different styles. Theres high pressure, theres sleezy half truth, theirs genuine help, theres just convincing. This is just an example of them saying they want better, but abandoning it when it comes to money... this can be excused by some due to its a company and companies are not in the business to not make money.

Agent to Client interatction - I am a personal, smart, caring, honest person who was at one time a small construction company owner. I found this job and felt like I could help others that are where I was, and make some money at the same time, but be morally whole. ya know, feel like I was doing something good. I would get a client list (in each department I worked in) consisting of between 800 to 1300 clients. I would begin making contact and building a relationship, trying to be helpful as that was MY morals. I did not find it necessary to force a business with 2 employees to shake at the fear of OSHA over something as little as HR posters. I didnt find it morally or even logically correct to charge a business making 50 dollars profit a month 300 dollars for posters that were not even mandated. I did however see the benefit to making a personal connection with a business and learning about what they did, who they were, what they deal with, and then from there being able to make contact and say "so regulation blahblahblah.blah is changing in 2 months and it does concern you, it is necessary, so we can get you covered for X dollars over X years and make sure you're solid." When doing this I was able to both be thanked, and make sales, and make the company happy. The minute that all of my clients were covered 100% for any rational inspector of any kind to be concerned, I no longer felt the need to harass and squeeze them to the last drop. This would probably be why I do not hold grievence against Safety Services, but I am bitter in the regards that on one hand I didnt squeeze the client, but on the other I could sleep at night knowing I wasn't ***.

In closing... This company, the employees, the products are things that IF necessary are the best thing for you as a small to moderate business. They agents especially, 99/100 are really funny amazing respectful people (only verified in the Yuma office). I implore you to not be disrespectful to an agent who wants to help and wants to keep a job and wants to do well, when if you are dissatisfied your anger and frustration should be directed to Brian Goheen or the other board members. They are the puppetmasters and they are the ones with the business outline. The agents are just doing a job, and the managers control them, and the board controls the managers.


yea, the people that work here are less than good people...i used to work there, had to quit, felt unwelcomed because of my sexual orientation, i could see people talking behind my back, makeing fun of me,but i guess that is what happens when you work with abunch of ex cons, fresh out of prison. i was actually decent at the job...

and even when it comes to that... i now know that labor law posters can be bought locally for like 20 dollars


all of these statements dealing with this company is just absolutely absurd. You know what's wrong with this company?

Almost EVERYONE is from the same two-faced church, comment below from BG, CEO, Pastor, said you get middle finger if you don't want this *** they're trying to sell, Merryman, shady people move up? Well i guess that's why i can't go to no one when i see *** *** happen.

Looking for a new job cuz this place is completely and absolutely RIDICKULOUS. I thought Devon Dickenson, the founder, wanted to help companies, not harrass them, and all ya'll bein from the same *** church wouldn't you want to make a good company????


All of the items they sell are free and this company is a complete scam. Do just a little research I work here and these people claim to be godly but they are liars, scam artists and most importantly they are selling free items..


My name is Tiffany Fisher, I am the New Manager for the Customer Satisfaction Department for Safety Services Company. If you have received anything that you did not purchase and have a complaint please call me directly at 866-478-6890x2633 or I can be reached by email at tfisher@safetyservicescompany.com.

I will personally handle your problem and promise to resolve it for you. We pride ourselves in delivering customer service excellence and work hard to provide continous training and hire the right people to represent our company properly. It is our goal to provide help to our local community and companies to become compliant with OSHA and to deliver the highest level of customer service possible.

Let us know your concerns and we will resolve them.

Our website is safetyservicescompany.com


As "Mathematics" commented, safety services is a popular and growing company. I work for them and i assure you i am no prisoner.

New employees do the cold calls so there is a few misunderstandings and our system takes a few weeks to update. our do not call list often doesnt update in time so that someone doesn't go crazy by the third call


This company is a joke. I have already told them no for some labor law posters about 3 months ago.

Then I get a bill from them. So my asst calls and they say the have me saying I wanted this at 100 a poster when I can get it anywhere for about 20 dollars. Then they claim that my manager signed off of it as well. The problem there is that we fired that manager 10 months ago.

This company is very shady.

If they call you don't say anything because they will edit your conversation. Just hang up


At First I was realy pissed of at the fact that they send me thier materials when I never requested. Next thing you I start recieving calls from different agents offering different products.

Kept saying but still kept bothering me. That not even the worst thing I start recieving letters and calls from a collection agentcy saying that I owe Safety service over 400 dollars even when I have sent everything back.Worst is that there location is in the same freaken town Im from Yuma AZ.

So *** off I went down there to what was going on and said that I needed to call. Seriously what the heck is wrong with this Company.


Come on people seriously if you don't want to do business with us then you get the middle finger.


I work here and the only way our employees move up is with integrity, and of course the shady ones are the ones who succeed.


Safety Services Company, which has actual offices in addition to work release programs to help keep people from re-offending and going back to prison once released, currently has over 200,000 companies that trust them to assume full responsibility for their OSHA Compliance. BBB has 179 total complaints taht have all been resolved.

That is less than 1%. If you are an unsatisfied customer, then by all means don't do business with them.

But ignorant slander based on your perspective of an incident is not warranted and effects peoples' livelihoods. Please be responsible with your opinions and how you voice them.


Thanks for the information you offer a valuable resource, I just received an "urgent" vm message from what I now know was a sales represntative (prisoner) from God knows what prison... but he did leave an 800 number...

I did call (mostly to say who the heck sales person would leave a vm market urgent to anyone, not yet a customer! They must be smarter than me because I actually called and hung up after call went to vm and immediately did a search of the company and found your forum... though initially my call was an error in judgement, I have redeemed myself...

I am wiser now... thank you for what you all have accomplished here, it may have saved me!


This company mailed my business posters I didn't order so I called and them and their only answer was to order a transcript of the call. I told them order what ever you want, I didn't order these.

I wasn't even at the business when the supposed order took place. They are trying to say I was.

What a scam. They can have their posters.


this company is not only a bad company they make harassing phone calls to a person that does not even have a company then when asked for the susposed company it doesnt exist . neither one of us have a job we are on ssi we dont own a company never have and never will now you all are calling us all the time telling us we owe you money how the heck do we own you money when we never orderd any thing HELLO can we say LAW SUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's because Safety Services was started and is still out of the Arizona Sate Prison Yuma complex; Dakota and Cheyenne Units. Everything is done by CONVICTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The best way for everyone here to make a difference is to help get the word out. The best way to do this is to use those little social icons at the top of this article.

They are used to bookmark, comment on, or recommend this web page. By bookmarking, commenting, or recommending this page it will cause it to rank higher in the Google index. So when people Google "safety services company" they will see this article at the top of the index and ultimately avoid doing business with this company. Because we all know BBB doesn't always get it done.

Good job on the comments all.

This page is ranked very high so far because of your efforts which has caused me to avoid this company. Thanks all!


These individuals tried billing me for items I never ordered, nor did I ever receive. After months of investigating this company, I have found a lot to talk about.

This company is bases all it's income from free materials.

Some are a little difficult to acquire, but most are not. The sales tactics used are successful, because they use real threats. If you do not comply with OSHA standards, and you get caught, you will pay a large fine. Some may actually pay for the service as they would rather do so, than stay on top of it themselves, although in this economy, not to many people want to pay for a luxury.

After in depth research, the have several names for the company and actually are linked to a different company called National Marketing Solutions. I researched their phone number to find they also had many complaints about the company. I researched complaints and found 1 that seems to really catch my attention. The report read, they had been speaking to INMATES?

After tracing the 541 phone number in the reverse yellow pages, I found the company is actually based in a Prison in Oregon. I don't know what all they use these inmates for, but, it's in a prison. All the numbers I have found for Safety Services are all 800 type numbers, and are impossible to find a location for them. I would however bet money that the entire operation is ran from the inside of prisons, where they use slave labored inmates (not that I am sticking up for inmates) to do their calling for them.

I have researched their online catalog, and can't find a single item to date, that can not be found free. In addition, and you will love this, I did a search on the internet for him, he has his own website, it is his name .com. It talks about how to be a "christian" business man.

Got to love it. So do yourselves a favor, and stay away from this company.


They contacted me in march of 2011. I made the mistake of asking for information about their services so I could read through it when I had time and make a decision.

Ever since they keep calling me telling me they have a recording of me saying I wanted to sign up for their services. They continue to this day to send me bill and late fees. I filed a complaint with the BBB. Safety services is a horrible company.


I never recieved or looked through any information sent from them but they certainly get the bills to me easily. If they call you please, as soon as you hear the name of their company, HANG UP THE PHONE.

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