Hi all potential or previous victims,

I worked for this company for almost a year. I worked in management and I can speak directly to most of the previous accusations. I can tell you, that this was probably the worst year of employment I have ever experienced.

The company as a whole, does not have ill-intentions. There are some great people that currently work, or previously worked there. They are mostly good people that sell a decent product and yes, there are cheaper of means of getting the material, as there is with most products. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most poorly managed companies I have ever had the experience of dealing with. Starting at the Vice President, on down to the General Managers.

They hire salespeople in as "Safety Consultants" or "Senior Safety Consultants" with little to almost no real safety training or experience. This is probably their first mistake and certainly toes the line of what is ethical and what is not. Then, they hire these individuals at a minimum wage (most of the time) rate and attempt to drive them with lucrative bonuses and incentives. Normally, agents earn 10% of each sale, after a set dollar amount. The problem is, they rarely actually discipline the agents when an infraction occurs, or when unethical sales arise. Of course, there are one's and two's that they attempt to make an example of (normally newer agents, or agents with productivity problems), but ultimately, if one of their "money makers" or a salesperson with an aggressive, yet successful track record breaks a regulation (or even at times a law), rarely are they truly disciplined. Discipline may come in the form of a verbal warning, a write up, or a written warning, in extreme circumstances they are suspended for a day or two but ultimately, nothing is done to correct the problem. If you make the company money you will have a position with them and they will figure out a way to work around any deceptive practices you either brought with you, or learned there. Think I'm making it up? Before being terminated from Safety Services, I secretly placed recordings of agents conducting deceptive sales, sales that were reported as fraudulent, and those agents are still employed there and likely, continuing to utilize whatever practices they need to resort to, to earn that 10%.

Secondly, anyone that challenges senior management's approach to conducting business is eventually terminated, legitimately or otherwise. A path forward is determined at the senior management level and any challenge to this path will land you in the unemployment line. If you disagree with a product they are going to start selling, or a method in which the product is delivered, or even an audience to which it's being introduced, and you voice your concerns, you will be fired.

For me personally, it was more of a continual compensation problem. You see, they initially advertised the position to which I had applied at a set salary range. They then hired me in at the median of that range and only after I had been actually hired, did they provide me with an offer letter.

After the initial probation period (90 days), I was then eligible to begin earning "bonus" pay, which is realized after earning a minimum dollar amount for the month. Over the course of approximately 18 pay periods, I was actually paid what was earned only twice. The other pay periods, I was left basically begging for the money I had already earned. The excuses that were given from the Vice President were "I don't know what happened," or "It will be on your next check" or "I will have a check to you today" or basically any other excuse you can think of. It's much easier to do something right the first time and unfortunately, Mr. Goheen hasn't figured that out and like their consumers, Safety Services employees are treated with a "you do for me now and I'll see what I can do for you later" attitude.

What's funny, is they are currently working on taking their company public and in doing so, are on an extremely aggressive public relations campaign. When I first started working with this company, there were HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of Better Business Bureau complaints for a wide range of reasons and magically, those complaints are gone. The complaints are gone, most of the websites that posted about their misfortunes are gone, and the perception is 100% distorted. What's unfortunate, is that IF this company is able to go public, all potential investors, board members, shareholders and any otherwise unsuspecting people and companies will be unknowingly purchasing shares of a company with fraudulent business practices, average products, a poor approach, and highly questionable ethical guidelines. It's too bad.

Employees that should absorb a BULK of the blame:

Brian Goheen, VP

Mike Winn, GM

Amy Pappas, GM

Kevin Kelsey, Sales Manager

Mike Merryman, GM

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Safety Services Company Verified Representative

Hello and thank you for feedback. We honestly appreciate it and will utilize it to improve, both for our customers and our employees.

Safety Services Company Verified Representative

Hello and thank you for feedback. We honestly appreciate it and will utilize it to improve, both for our customers and our employees.


I couldn't agree with these posts more. I was an employee at Safety Services for approximately a year and a half before I was abruptly terminated for really, no reason at all. And I watched literally, hundreds go before me for similar reasons, or lack thereof.

Like the previous commenter stated, I too was hired as a "Safety Advisor," a title which required me to complete two weeks of absolutely no safety regulation, industry specific safety regulation training, or really, any safety training at all. It was more or less, two weeks of working on an automated dialer, calling/harassing unsuspecting business owners. Most new hires are unable to make it past the initial phase of training, mostly because they are not strong salespeople, lack the aggression necessary, lose interest, or refuse to conform to the questionable sales tactics or compromise their own moral compass.

At the end of the two weeks, you (in theory) are moved into a permanent department, or you are fired. This decision is based NOT on your knowledge of construction, manufacturing, or any other industry specific safety regulations or procedures. This decision is based upon how well you can sell a product. Bottom line. If you have the ability to capture people's attention and talk them into buying something that they can more than likely, obtain from their state's labor department, or some other municipality, then you are good enough to keep in their eyes. If not, you are simply terminated. Forget the fact that you have foregone other career opportunities, turned down other job offers, or have worked for two weeks, for eight hours a day, making 300-400 phone calls a day to people that don't want to talk to you. Forget all of that. You haven't shown promise as a salesperson, so you are terminated.

Hiring and firing is done so arbitrarily in this company that it should be considered unethical or even criminal. They discard people after giving them an opportunity to earn an honest wage under trivial circumstances. I certainly saw what the original author was talking about. If you are able to produce and make the company money, then they will go to whatever depths necessary to 1) keep you happy and 2) brush under the rug any of your wrongdoings, whether they were unethical, or CRIMINAL. They simply turn a blind eye. The discipline process for successful salespeople is either stretched to the max, or even discarded completely. Currently, they have approximately 15 felons that are employed and MANY of them, have continue the habits and practices that earned the title in the first place, with the only difference being that they now wear a dress shirt and tie.

The woman they have "running" (a term used LOOSELY) their Yuma office now is a completely insane, power hungry, savage. Her inability to manage not only an office, but her own emotions are obvious to all. She walks around with her phone in her hand, pretending to be reading emails, or adding numbers, but truthfully, everyone knows it's simply an evasion tactic so that she doesn't have to look the people in the eye, that she'll eventually terminate with or without cause. If she doesn't like you, or if you pose a threat to her illegitimacy being uncovered, COUNT YOUR DAYS.

Quite honestly, I look forward to the day that I open the YumaSun, or see on the nightly news, that they've shut down that office because of the criminals acts that have taken place inside. The ruthlessly stealing of people's money, the continual and habitual under delivering and overpromising to not only their customers, but to their employees as well, will eventually shatter this poorly managed company and expose them as the frauds that they are.

to Looking Forward Phoenix, Arizona, United States #744958

The woman running around the Yuma office...You must be talking about Amy Pappas!

Yuma, Arizona, United States #655799

That's classic! I remember when I worked there, the general manager was Merryman.

He was crazy strict and gave special treatment to the black girls that worked there and Kevin Kelsey always hooked up the people from his church... the Generations cult-like church.

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