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These people are so dishonest. A sales person talked to an employee of mine to "verify" our address. He implied that we were required by law to have their product and wanted her to authorize a purchase. When the employee told him he'd need to talk to her manager- who happened to be busy, and said to take a number from the sales person so she could call back- the sales guy kept saying, "We don't want to bother your manager, we know managers are... Read more

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I worked for Safety Services for almost 2 years as a sales agent, selling safety manuals, training kits, labor law posters, etc. I am ashamed that I worked for them for as long as I did. I did it because I made a decent amount of money compared to my old jobs and wanted to provide for my family, but that's no excuse for contributing to this company's unethical sales model. The representatives from this company will do whatever it takes to get... Read more

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I purchased a 10 hour safety course that I was told to be downloaded on my iPad and they could not and they said they would refund my money. And they did not as of this time it's been about a month Read more

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I have no domain over my service someone has put ant hall service on my phone I can not operate my internet or any of my services and they have a remote controller to set my settings. Please tell me why and who and what I can do I've tried everything

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They called and intinidate you so you will order their service. I call for updated compliance posters but we never recieve a thing. They are a total scam.

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My bossed was called once on the road unable to really understand what he was getting into. They got him for to agree to accept their safety material. I authorize everything for the company and they were told to call me but instead went back and call my boss. This is a very small company with just one employee. This material will never be used at any point. I'm sure they are aware of that but still called and convinced the owner to accept... Read more

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I’m rip off by Safety Services Company One thing. My English not good. So the Safety Service rip me off hard. You are liar thieving stealers. Shame! Shame for you to take my money AND DO NOTHING! All I say is the SHAME. How do you be the one who takes my money. Then you do nothing and then I lose my contract. Oh Carlos promise me that you take real good care of my but you don’t and NOW I LOSE MY JOB! I HOPE YOU LOSE YOUR JOB! You say you do... Read more

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If you can do one smart thing in life staying away from this Company would be it, They will call 24/7 with gimmicks that you need to purchase to be in compliance ? They are *** artist ! Beware.!

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FYI and pass this along. This company is extremely dishonest. I worked with this company and left after just a few short months. The company prides themselves on being a "second chance company" which is admirable, except when it comes down to giving convicted felons your personal financial information. They say that they will report you to the credit bureau and/or attorney for further action. Neither is true. They do not have an attorney or even... Read more

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Same thing happened to me. They couldn't produce the recording of my ordering these books. I get harassing calls from different collects people from their company daily. Has anyone filed complaints to the Consumer Protection Agency or at least report these scammers? What about OASHA? It is their agency they are using as a front for their scam. I'm sick and tired of bastards like this. But it seems that there is no recourse in these... Read more

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